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Valeria / Argentina


My name is Valeria, I'm from South America, I’ve been living in Japan for a couple of years, being away from home and traveling gave me the chance to meet many people from many different countries, along with the new friends that I made I was surprised of how many of them were excited about speaking my mother tongue (Spanish). Being away from home also gave me perspective so I could look at my own language as if it wasn't mine, rediscover it, understand how beautiful is and seeing how international it is! So when Todd asked me to join this project, I did not hesitate. Hope you enjoy it as much as me!


Valeria Escliar.




Daniel / Chile

My name is Daniel Muñoz and I am from Chile.

I've been studying languages for more than ten years and in this time I've had very different experiences: some good ones and some bad ones. I've studied Portuguese, Italian, English, French and Japanese, and all these languages are included in one of the categories I mentioned before.

All the different methods I've tried in addition to the experience of living abroad for several years (and meeting people who studied Spanish) made me realise what students really need to accomplish their goals.

Of course I have also realised that learning a language is different for each person, but there's something common to all learners: the need to get in touch with native speakers. That's why I think Spanishear is a tremendously powerful tool that will help you with your Spanish.

I really hope you enjoy it!





Joel / Colorado

I was born in the US (Colorado) and after moving to California in my 20s and traveling to many Latin American countries, I became fluent in Spanish. This led me into the world of Brazilian music which fascinated me so much that I also learned Portuguese. But why stop there? I moved to Japan and while immersing myself in Japanese, I obtained a master's degree in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language). I also worked in Bangkok and became fluent in Thai. I learned all of these languages without ever taking a language class. Many people say that I have a gift for languages but I believe anyone can do the same thing—human beings are built for learning languages. It's all about finding interesting resources to help you study and making friends with people that you can practice with.